1. Do You Buy Textbooks Back?
    Yes we buy textbooks back. Just enter your ISBN into the search box above and get your quote. The books we take back are based on resale value and need. To ensure we take your book back ask your Professor to use the same book next semester.
  2. When Do You Take Textbooks Back?
    We buy textbooks back all year round. There are busy periods in May, November and January. If you find that your textbook is not needed now, you may want to try again later as the quantities of particular books needed changes daily.
  3. Do You Need All Textbooks?
    The number of books we want changes daily and peaks right before a new semester starts. If you get a quote you should go to the U of T Bookstore ASAP to ensure that the book is still needed. The longer you wait it is possible that we may no longer need the book.
  4. Can Faculty & Students Sell Their Textbooks Back to The University of Toronto Bookstore?
    Absolutely, with a valid university student card.
  5. What is a Textbook BuyBack Campaign?
    The University of Toronto Bookstore buys textbooks back at up to 50% the new book price.
  6. Why Does the Book Come Back As Not Needed or No Quote?
    The books needed changes daily. Just because we may not need the book today doesn''t mean we don''t want it in the future. What it means is that we have the maximum number of books already sold back to the bookstore, or to our partners.
  7. Why Should I Sell My TextBooks?
    If you aren''t going to look at the books again. If you need money. If you want to recycle the book.
  8. How Much Money Can I Make Selling My Textbooks?
    We pay up to 50% of the new book price for books being used at a UofT campus. The value declines after that depending on who else wants to buy your book (other Canadian Campus Retailers offer about 35%, US Wholesalers offer about 15%.)
  9. How Do I Know What Text Books You''ll Buy Back?
    Enter the ISBN number located in the front few pages of the book. Just enter the number in the search box above and you''ll get a quote. Go to the bookstore immediately to ensure your book is still needed. If you wait the maximum number of books may have already been sold back.
  10. What is the maximum number of a particular book that you take back?
    Depends on the book and the need. There is no defined maximum.
  11. Can I Sell a Textbook Back if I Bought It Used?
    Absolutely, and you''ll still receive up to 50% of the retail price of the NEW book!.
  12. What is an ISBN? Where do I Find It?
    The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a unique number given by the book''s publisher. You can find the ISBN either on the title page in the first few pages of the book or on the back cover, usually at the bottom right hand side.
  13. Why Do You Only Take Text Books Back in Store and not Online?
    Since the number of books we''ll buy back changes daily we cannot guarantee that we will still need the book if you post it or courier it.
  14. Why Wouldn''t You Want My Textbook?
    If they are in very poor condition, if the books have gone into a new edition, if the book isn''t on a course for the upcoming term, or if we have enough already.
  15. How Much Money Can I Save if I Buy Used Textbooks & Then Sell Them at the End of the Semester?
    Check your ISBN above in the search box. Then, the next page will show you how much you could save.
  16. What Do You Do With the Books?
    We resell them to students at UofT Bookstores, to other Universities and Colleges, or to wholesale companies in the US.
  17. Why do you need a driver''s license or student card in order to sell your books back?
    This security measure allows us to prevent and/or fraudulent buyback activities - we want to buy books back from honest students like yourself!
  18. Will You Take Books Back that Have Writing In Them?
    Generally, yes.
  19. What Condition Do Textbooks Have To Be In?
    Books bought back for UofT Bookstores need to be in reasonable condition - the kind of condition that you wouldn''t mind paying for. The other Canadian Campus Schools and US Wholesalers that we also buy back for are a little more picky - they need your book to be in good shape and include any ancillaries (ie. CDs) that it came with.
  20. I Received a Textbook buy back quote and when I got to the store they said they didn''t need it? What Happened?
    There is a limit to the number of books that we can buy back. If you received a quote online then you should get to the book store ASAP. If someone beats you to it then we may not require it at that moment. You can try again - it changes daily.